BIER SNACKS Fritierte Gurken 6. Deep fried dill pickles with honey mustard dip Gewürzgurken (dill pickles) 4. 5 kosher dill pickle spears Landjäger 8. German hard salami with mustard Pretzel 8. Local handmade piller pretzel served with brown mustard, landjager sour cream and white truffle butter Leberwurst- (Liverwurst) 6. Spreadable liverwurst served with Gurken and bread
VORSPEISEN (appetizers) Zwiebel Ringe 7. Lager battered onion rings served with Inn sauce Jäger “Hunter” fries 6.~ Hand cut Inn fries topped with a rich mushroom Sauce Wurstplatte 12. Mixed wurst platter with assorted cheeses Metzger "Butcher" Plate 12. Charcuterie, cheese and pickle Plate served with accompaniments.
FUR DIE KINDER (kid’s menu) Mini Chicken Schnitzel 8. Chicken schnitzels fried or grilled served with two sides Käse “Cheese” Spätzle 8. sauteed spätzle backed with thee cheese blend served with two sides Choice of any one Wurst 8. Bratwurst, Bauernwurst,Knockwurst or Weisswurst served with two sides Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese 8. choice of cheddar or munster cheese served with two sides Kids Sides you can pick two sides for your kids meal Fresh fruit, french fries, apple sauce, carrots and celery sticks, sauteed spätzle and dill pickles
BEILAGEN (side dishes) Spätzle 3. Kartoffel Salat 4. Old Stein German potato salad Kartoffel Knödel 5. Potato dumplings Pommes Frites 3. Red Cabbage 4. Sauerkraut 4. Seasonal Vegetables 5.